wayneann jpt sharperI serve as lead pastor of King of Kings Community in Jerusalem, Israel.

Originally from Canada, my wife Ann and I have served this congregation in Israel since 1983.

We have four grown sons, all serving the Lord.

Before moving to Israel we served as pastors, taught at a Bible College and worked in television and music ministry.

King of Kings Community has launched several ministries in Israel including….


Our minstry purchased and renovated this former movie theater and dedicated it in 2004.
Located at Davidka Square and Light Rail station,  on Jerusalem’s main street,
the Pavilion is strategically positioned in the very HEART of Jerusalem

The epicenter of my world is Jerusalem. Because our congregation is in the city of the great King (Matthew 5:35), it’s no accident that we called our congregation, “King of Kings community.”

My prayer is that you will be enriched as I share my perspective on God’s Word — especially  in relation to the roots of our faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as revealed in the Hebrew Scriptures. I want to keep you informed about what I see God doing in the Middle East and beyond. And  I trust that what I share will help you pray even more intelligently, sensitively and that you will be inspired to get involved in what God is doing in Jerusalem.

I am also very active on TWITTER, but 140 characters limit my ramblings. Many of my tweets will give you a taste, but it’s HERE where you get the full meal deal.

Thanks for plugging in!

Let’s connect often and encourage each other along the journey!

  1. Wayne, thanks for connecting through Twitter. I REJOICE in what you’re doing! All praise to God. I pray my ministry can be a support to the Christians in Jerusalem as they seek to follow the heart of God. I’ll put my website below, where there are links to my FB, Twitter, LinkedIN. And, if you’re ever interested in my P.R.A.Y. with Passion Conference, let me know. Not only have we held it in 26 states and are booked in 2 more (with the vision to take it to all 50 states), the material has also been presented in Switzerland and Ukraine. Is Jerusalem next?

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