What are we going to do about those ‘Artsy’ Believers?

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Uncategorized
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The arts are close to my heart. In my childhood I played trumpet, baritone, and french horn. As I neared the end of high school I moved to guitar, keyboards, flute, and saxophone. In my early twenties I travelled full-time with a band.

I was never a prodigy, but I’ve always had a love for music.

Before we moved to Israel, Ann was music director at Canada’s main Christian TV network. I did a stint as an actor in a TV show. All four of our sons are musicians and involved in media.

Six years ago our ministry launched Kings School of Media. Three years ago we partnered with two other Israeli ministries to start Yuval School of Music and the Arts.

Our involvement with the arts puts us out of sync with a certain segment of the Evangelical world.  This segment tends to cast a suspicious eye at the ‘artsy types’ being given a larger platform in the Church today. That segment thinks (but rarely verbalizes) that the artistic….

  • tend to indulge in self-gratification instead of fully investing their talents to reach the lost.
  • too easily compromise their values to ‘make it’ or at least make a living.
  • are ‘free spirits’ who don’t make very stable church members.

While the arts can turn into an obsession and lead to idolatry, so can eating, exercise and lots of other good things.

In the next few blog posts I’m going to lay a biblical foundation for CELEBRATING the arts. I’ll also focus on how the arts are….

  • a means of effective communication.
  • a means of holy enjoyment.
  • a means of enhanced worship.

Finally,  I’ll offer ways to maximize our God-given creativity.

So stay tuned…..

  1. and how awesome that is, dear Ann… and enjoyment it is, and how! and you are right on the target! Blessings!

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